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Finding Your logo dimensions-

Follow Your Themes Suggested Sizes

We will find the suggested logo sizes for our theme. In this project we are using the Woocommerce  theme called Storefront. However you do not have to have any particular theme unless you need to follow along for the purposes of comprehending the material. Always refer to the them sizes/dimensions by the theme developer. This way you go into each project with the exact sizes you need and you can spend your time primarily on creating a logo that fits your brand need. We also have the option of using the free version of Elementor.

Upon completing this module

What you can expect to accomplish in this module? When you complete this module you will have completed all of the following logo designs: 1. A light logo
2. A dark logo 3. A Header logo 4. A favicon

Selecting your logo colors

Double click the link below to select the hex color codes that fit your company's branding

The tools we will use

Click edit button htps://

Free Editor

Once you know your logo sizes you can adjust your logo dimensions to fit your theme using this free editor. Click edit button to

Example of a light logo

There are times when you may have a dark background and you want the logo to show up or possibly stand out so you may have a light colored logo that will not blend into the dark background color

Example of a Dark Logo

There are times when you have a very light background and you need your logo to show up and possibly stand out

Examples of Favicons

Notice that the favicon may be very basic and exclude much detail.

You may have to make your favicon simplistic because it is so small that words or small object may not appear in a browser when you test it out. You may also choose to purchase a high quality favicon logo because the low resolution images tend to look blurry as favicons.