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In the beginning, we were all lines of energy with no particular dimension or definition, just traces of light connected. I was happy there. Floating, streaming, and all but flying. We had a depth that was real and genuine. I truly enjoyed how genuine we all were. Our traces raced about and formed sketches. It became fun seeing the lines we had traveled as we raced about. That was at this time there became the mere acknowledgment that we were creative. Our very energy created by its mere movement. How could that be? We put attention to the patterns formed by our light design. Each of our flickers was the tip of a shiny ballpoint marker of a light ray.

The pure excitement from the realization that I could create sent me into a spiral. I trailed the spiral in its loop noticing my light traces left behind. It was my trail but it had formed an actual experience, a tangent formed matter. Once I noticed this there was no going back. I used my light to draw an infinite number of sketches that looped until it was clear that there were other directions I could go in. This realization changed everything. I soon noticed that by changing up my direct I got a different result. I had many different squiggly lines. They were all different squiggles of light. Until that space in time, I had never connected my lines. Connecting the lines did something I never had seen before. It was two beginnings meeting. Two lights appearing so close they were as one. This was the most extraordinary thing I had ever witnessed. I got better at meeting my light so close together that it almost touched and it was at this time that I realized that this was the closest I had come to join my light.

I had so much light that each ray energetically sought out to draw new almost joined patterns. At some point, my one design became many designs and they were all perfect. They were all clear patterns draw by me and they all had their own form. Each was different and wonderful at the same time. That was when I noticed that when I moved in a particular way my rays appeared to have mass. They seemed somehow even more together and that is when I created the word together. So I increased the speed of my rotation for each one of my designs. They appeared solid. Each one of them was light formed from my light and from my angle and as it were they were also alive because I circulated them.

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