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Respect for All Beings

Imagine creating wonderful beautiful things and those things are destroyed or harmed in some way. Your creations are precious to you beyond the knowledge of others; they are personal experiences. It is true that everything you create might be a bit different in some way than they other. Do people see the value in others? They can not see this until and unless they are look for it. Go into each experience looking for value and it will be more apparent. Don’t all things have value to the one who has made it? Beings may ponder the how and why and even that is revealed in the experience. If you tell your small child to learn all that you know immediately, would that child see all that you know all at once? Would you want that child to know all that you know and have seen as an adult while they are still a child? Would you want your child cared for if they could not care for themselves? Life is an opportunity to grow and learn and become. What will you become? Will you become creations who promote life or take away it’s opportunity? If you choose to take away the opportunities of others should more opportunities be given to you? If you choose to promote life there are no limits to your own opportunity.

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